Monday, June 25, 2012

East Coast Summer Tour 2012w/ Stripmines

July 20th Richmond @ Ask a Punk w/ Cretins, Tanglefoot
July 21st Washington DC @ St. Stephens Church w/ Death First, Grudges, State Violence, Thick Skin
July 22nd Philadelphia, PA @ Cloud City w/ Concrete Cross, Curmudgeon, Dead People Screaming
July 23rd Western Mass tba w/ Outdates, Concrete Cross, Crutch
July 24th Brooklyn, NY @ Acheron w/ Concrete Cross, Shoxx
July 25th Hartford, CT @ Whitney House w/ Consumption, Mope
July 26th Worcester @Distant Castle w/ Cleansing Wave, Bukkake Boys
July 27th Syracuse, NY w/ Bukkake Boys, Hunted Down, Herpes, Beastman
July 28th Rochester @ ask a jock w/ Rational Animals, Dopestoke, Munchausen, Televisionaries
July 29th Columbus, OH Bourbon St. w/ Malcolm Tent
July 30th Pittsburgh, PA @ Kopec's w/ Blood Red, Mower
July 31st New Brunswick, NJ @ The Alamo w/ Altered Boys, 3jane, Nation on Fire
August 1st Baltimore, MD @ Side Bar w/ Old Lines, Endless Bummer
August 2nd Raleigh, NC Berkely Cafe w/ Joint D, No Tomorrow, Priapus, Atrophix

Upcoming shows June/July/August/September 2012

JUNE 30TH - NOFEST in St. John's - Druden, Drunk Dad, Rohit, Old City, Banishing
JULY 4TH - GRINDZEBO HOUSE - Night Nurse, Weird Fear
JULY 13TH - TOUR KICKOFF at BLACKWATER - Trauma, Elitist, Sleepless Eyes
AUGUST 12TH - NORTH HOLE - Reivers, Cower, Cursebreaker, Gohna
AUGUST 18TH - THE RANCH - Age of Collapse, Wretched of the Earth
SEPTEMBER 27TH-29TH - DISTORT VANCOUVER FEST - ----------------------------------------------------------

Tuesday, March 13, 2012


March 23-April 1 - West Coast Tour w/ Acts of Sedition
May 25th - Rainfest w/ Cro Mags, Vacant State, Weekend Nachos, Bane, Rotting Out, Code Orange Kids....
May 27th - Rainfest afterparty w/ Weekend Nachos, Dead in the Dirt, Heartless, Cynarae May 28th - The Know w/ Weekend Nachos, Transient, Sidetracked 
June 30th - St. John's Nofest w/ Burials, Druden and more

July 20th-August 2nd East Coast Tour with Stripmines (Raleigh, NC)

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Raw Nerves/Acts of Sedition split 7"

Man In Decline Records is releasing our next record which is going to be a split 7" with Acts of Sedition. Copies will be available on our West Coast tour.

Monday, February 6, 2012

Raw Nerves/Acts of Sedition West Coast tour 2012

Saturday March 24th - Redding, CA w/ Stress Relief
Sunday March 25th - Santa Rosa, CA at Transient Lounge w/ Deras Krig, Blackwater Tentacles
Monday March 26th - Oakland, CA at 1,2,3,4 GO! w/ Stress Relief, Crypt Keeper
Tuesday March 27th - Pomona, CA at Aladdin Jr. w/ Hordes, Condition, Deadstare
Wednesday March 28th - San Diego, CA at the Snowdrop w/ Age of Collapse, Man Vs. Man
Thursday March 29th - Santa Barbara, CA at tba w/ Ratface, Only Child
Friday March 30th - San Francisco at Thrillhouse Records w/ Connoisseur, Vulvalard
Saturday March 31st - Arcata, CA at Facement w/ Komatose, Killa Bandit, Wretched Animals